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October New Releases

Is it just me or did October seem to FLY by? Even here in Southern California, the fall season has found us!  I can't lie, day temperatures are still in the upper 80's (dreamy right?), but, I'm loving the cool crisp nights and watching the trees change colors.  
The month of October was a super busy month for Karen and I. We have added several new products to our stores that we hope you will find useful in your classroom.  Take a peak at what we have been working on and enter for a chance to win a product of your choice from our new releases this month by simply commenting on our post. Let us know which resource looks helpful or useful for you!

Engage New York 4th Grade
This month, one of my new additions is Module 3 Vocabulary Posters for the Engage New York/Eureka math curriculum. This poster set includes the newly introduced vocabulary terms in Module 3 as well as some review terms.  I have designed these posters to help reinforce the key vocabulary in "kid friendly terms".  I know how important vocabulary development is for our students, and I know your students will benefit from having these posters as reference as you teach the module. I like to hang the posters for the entire module on a math bulletin board and refer to them as we come across each term in a lesson. I often find students using them as a reference source when completing word problems.  Knowing key vocabulary is sooooo important in solving word problems, as students first need to know what the words mean in a word problem  in order to compute the problem. The posters come in black and white or AND color versions for your printing preference. 

Another new addition for 4th Grade Engage New York curriculum is  Module 3 Math Newsletters & Games.  When I first started using this curriculum 3 years ago, I found many of the concepts taught in class were different from the way students' parents were taught how to do math.  I knew these strategies being taught were good strategies to help students conceptualize math concepts and I knew how important it was for parents to understand how the strategies worked. So.... that is how the idea behind the Newsletters was formed.  Each module has several newsletters broken down by the concept being taught.  The letters explain the strategies and vocabulary introduced.  Also included with each letter is a game that reinforces the key skills being taught. These games are designed for students to play with their parents however, many teachers use the games in class as well for centers. Below you will find a peak at a letter and game included in this unit. 

Additionally, I have added  Module 3 Interactive Notebooks for 2nd and 4th grades.  These notebooks serve so many purposes!
  • They are a great way for students to organize their thoughts as new concept and vocabulary terms are introduced.
  • They allow you to quickly assess how well students understand each lesson though the skill portion included for each lesson.
  • They can be sent home with homework to help reinforce your student's learning.  Students can reference them to help out on homework and parents can see what their child is learning about at school.  Score!
  • They are also a good resource to have during parent teacher conferences to show student's progress.          
Check our a page from the 2nd and 4th grade modules below:

Let me start by saying this... quit rubbing in your sunny So Cal weather Kelie! Haha. I still love ya though. It is a crisp 55 degrees here today and raining outside. I am blogging while wrapped in a blanket in fact. But I love it! Also, let me add that Kelie was much more productive than I was in October. (Here's to hoping I can up my game in November).

Engage New York Kindergarten
In October, I was able to add Letters and Games for Kindergarten, Module 2. These letters are helpful in explaining to parents how Common Core Math is being taught in your child's classroom. Each module includes a parent letter and game for each of the Topics within the Module. The games or activities included are easy setup, just print-and-play. Students may need a paper clip to use the spinner, scissors and glue for cut-and-paste activities, and/or small game pieces (beans, buttons, or even cereal will work).

COMING SOON...Engage New York 1st Grade
I apologize for my delays in completing these letters for all of the ENY modules in both Kindergarten and First Grade. I don't know what I was thinking flip-flopping from ENY 1st to ENY Kinder to Kinder Homework. I'm not a fast worker, but I hope the quality and usefulness of my resources makes up for that. :) I plan to have the letters and games for 1st grade Module 3 posted by 11/8/2016 so be sure to check my store. As always, all newly listed resources are HALF OFF for the first 48 hours.

Note: There is no link the 1st grade module 3 letters and games because it is not yet posted. Watch my store 11/8 to snag it at 50% off!

Kindergarten Homework
I started this line of Kindergarten homework packs as a custom request by my friend and ex-colleague Linda Veik of Fontana, CA. Because homework is required by her district, and many others in our nation, and because teachers are facing deeper cuts to their copy and paper allowance, I wanted to offer homework packs that are short and sweet. The format is one page of homework per day with a reminder to read daily for a minimum of 10 minutes. A poem is also included for the first week of every month that include activities. Beginning in November I have started offering a Language Arts Only option. Some of my buyers are very thankful as they like to attach the designated homework pages from their district's Math curriculum to the back of the packet. One of my coworkers named Ena thought she was going to like the LA Only pages but says they like the Math on the homework pages better than what comes in their curriculum. The nice thing is... the choice is now yours! :) The homework includes editable calendars as well as editable sight word pages.

I have recently added homework for the month of November:

And homework for the month of December:

...and a Writing Freebie!
I have also recently added a Writer's Workshop poster freebie to my store. Enjoy!

This month I hope to get through my ENY letters and games for modules 3 and 4 in BOTH kindergarten and First Grade. I will also be posting the Kinder Homework for January no later than the first week of December. Whew.

I have enjoyed blogging about my latest and greatest resources...and reading about Kelie's as well. Thanks so much for the fun idea, partner (Kelie)! :)

Thank you for reading!
Enter to win one of the resources listed here by commented with your choice below. Good luck!


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