Friday, 13 January 2017

Homework Help: A Parent's Guide to Common Core Math.

Communication between school and home is HUGE to a child's success in school.  Let's face it though, with only so much time to prepare for your day, creating a newsletter to send home to parents, may not be on the top of your "To Do" list.  That is where we have you covered.

Our parent newsletters, created to align with Engage New York/ Eureka Math, are a very useful source of information for parents.  The letters explain the key concepts and vocabulary terms their child is learning about in class with visuals in an easy-to-understand way.  Additionally, each letter has a game that families can play together to help reinforce key skills.

The letters for 2nd through 4th grade, in Kelie's store "Setting the Standard," include the letters and games in both Spanish and English! SCORE! See what Kelie's buyers have to say about her letters:

Karen's letters are a work in progress. Currently Kindergarten Modules 1-3 and First Grade Modules 1-3 are available in her store "Kinder Teamwork." Although the letters for K and 1st have not been translated in Spanish, her buyers have similar feedback to Kelie's:

We are happy to help you, your students, and  your parents as you work through Engage New York / Eureka Math modules. Thanks so much for reading! We appreciate your comments. :)